Tomato Production

Botanical name: Lycopersicon esculentum (L) Suitable varieties: Roma VFN, Pectomech VF, Tropimech, Rio Grande, Jaguar, Lindo, Titao Derma, Ada Cocoa. Source of planting material: Buy certified seeds from reputable seed companies. Climatic requirements/ Site selection: Tomato requires warm days, bright sunshine and cool nights for optimum yields. High temperatures and low humidity cause excessive flower […]

Big Welcome to Drones

Drones in action Considered to be one of the most resourceful and multipurpose innovations of the century, drones have managed to perforate numerous segments of the global economic sphere. Having uses in fields ranging from filmmaking to farming, drones have managed to capture a major share of the commercial, personal goods, and military service market. […]

Land lease sample

This is for the information of land owners willing to do business with us. You will enjoy a great deal.   FARM LAND LEASE   KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT, _______________________, (Lessor) does hereby lease unto _____________________________,( Lessee) for general agricultural purposes, approximately _______________ acres of farm land located at _____________________ in the […]