Botanical name
Capsicum frutenscens- Hot
Capsicum annum- Sweet

Suitable varieties
(Hot)- Legon 18, Long Red Cayenne, Bird’s eye, M12, Scotch Bonnet, Kpakpo Shito, Jalapeno and Fresno.
(Sweet)- King Arthur, Florida Giant, California Wonder, Red Knight, Early Carl Wonder, Chinese Wonder, Yolo Giant.

Source of seeds
Use certified seeds from reputable seed companies.

Climate and soil requirements
Chilli peppers require sunny, semi-tropic or tropical conditions and annual rainfall of between 600mm and 1,250mm. Ideal temperature for good growth is 18-320C. Low humidity will result in bad fruit set due to dropping of flower buds.

Site selection
Peppers grow on a wide range of soils but thrive best in sandy loams with lots of organic matter. Select well drained land with a gentle slope and soils with a pH of 5.0-7.0 (slightly acidic to neutral). Avoid or sterilize soils previously planted with tomato, garden eggs, okra or papaya within the last four years.